Looking for someone to make a cover picture for a story of mine


I’m looking for some one who can make a black and white cover picture for me. In a forest, one female adult, 3 young girls, and 4 young boys. No faces on them. But their eyes are glowing RED.


I don’t make covers but I would be more than glad to make you splashes if you need any for your story. Feel free to check out my splash thread:


I wouldn’t mind doing it. I hope it’ll look ok


I have made this:

I hope this is ok. You don’t have to use it if it isn’t what you were expecting.
Though if you do use it - could you please credit me at the end of your story.

Thanks xxx
LivLoveDance 7


I made something you might like, if you decide not to use it then it’s okay I don’t mind. I was just a bit bored and decided to try this out. If you tell me your story name I could put it in the cover and your author name if you want it,


That is really amazing! :scream_cat:


So if you’re gonna use it just gimme ur title name and ur author name and I’ll put it on the cover for you. :blush:


The title is Nameless
Author Eva. :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course I’ll put them on the cover as soon as possible. Any additional details or things you want on the cover?


Nope. This is prefect. Thank you :pray:


i do love this picture, if you do not mind, i would like to use this as the bigger cover picture. i will make sure to credit you as the artist. thank you again for making it.


Can someone make some art for me? I am looking for a flower, that looks magical. Anything similar to that will do!


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