Looking for someone to make art scenes for my story!

Hey everyone!
I need somebody to make art scenes for my story!
If you can make one, post samples of your art!
If you know anyone who can make art scenes for me, let me know below please!!!
Thank you! :heart:

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Hailey_designs on Instagram is amazing buy she does charge $6

Hey, I’m new to doing artsy things, but if it isn’t really complicted then I am happy to have a go at it… and if you don’t like the result then you don’t have to use it as it will be practise for me anyway.
I’ve only done 2 requests so far one in ink and one in limelight the rest of my art has been for myself.
But if you wat to send me the details I am happy to try for you :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I’m not requesting them, just offering to help sweetie :smiley:


Haha… don’t be silly, easy mistake… seems to happen a lot actually lol :thinking::thinking:


I would love to see some samples of your art!

Art scenes

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Thank you so much!

But, I can’t find her instagram, could yo send me a link?

I think she spells designs… designes :slight_smile:

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Yes sorry it’s hailey_designes

You can find my examples on my post page sweetie


Thank you @Cheyara_Skadi and @NICOLE94

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