Looking for someone to make me a cover art for free

if you can help me it would really be great

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U can visit here

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I might be able to :slight_smile:

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okay :grinning:

How do you want the cover to look like?

i want the two main characters on it
it doesn’t really matter what background is behind them
it also doesn’t matter what poses they are doing

What genre is the story?
Are the characters love interests?

And can you send a pic of how they look like (when they’re wearing your desired clothes)

The genre is fantasy
yeah they are love interests
and i can send you a pic of them just a sec

What color/s do you want in the background?
And do you want the name of your story on the cover? :slight_smile:

It doesn’t really matter what the background is

Omg i love it

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Can I ask you for one more thing
I’m making a new story just like this one but in a different style could you make me a cover like the one you made me but with different characters your art is just so awesome I know this is asking a lot so you don’t have to if you don’t want to

omg that looks absolutely amazing. may i ask if you could do mine? your art is beautiful

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Glad you liked it :smiley:
Do you mean that the other story is in ink?
Would you want the cover to be the exact same but in the ink characters?

I’m currently writing my own story for the current contest, so it might take a long time for me to do it. But if time isn’t a problem then I can do it

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wow, thank you! :slight_smile:
I can do yours but it would take some time unfortunately.
I’m writing my own story and have a deadline so it all depends on how it goes haha

Yeah the story is ink
And I want it a little different but almost the same

and take as much time as you need because time really anit a problem

thats completely fine. ill send you what im looking for if thats okay with you??

Also is it okay if I go ahead and send you what the characters look like?

Yes! that would be great :slight_smile: