Looking for someone to make me a free cover?

Heyy I’m currently writing a new story and would love it if someone could make me a cover. Also, so sorry if this is too much to ask.

here are all the important details;

The genre is romance.

It’s about a normal sweet girl and a vampire bad boy accidentally switching phones. he decides to go through her phone because he’s a sneaky prick and posts a picture of himself, leaving everyone to think they’re dating. obviously, soon then fall in love. (haha typical, I know).

This is Maru, please make her look gentle

This is Luca, please make him look rough and toned

For inspo, I took this pic;

Things id also like in the cover;

  • it to look like his face is lowkey nuzzled into her neck but still a bit of space between them.
  • her eyes to be open and looking euphoric and her mouth slightly open.
  • him to be holding her around the waist and her hands clinging onto him.
  • I’d like blood to be on her chest and dripping from his mouth.

Sorry for being so picky but appreciate this so much! please take your time <3

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Heyy, I will have a go if you want, but I don’t really make it arty, I just edit it a lot.
Here are some examples kind of

I just really wanna edit something lol but if what I do is not what you are looking for that’s fine.
Also writing something vampirey :slight_smile:


Heyy! This is amazing! I love how you edit and highlight their face! Thank you so much for offering, I would really appreciate it if you do this for me. Thank you so so much!

Woo, I will get started straight away, I’m not sure how long it will take but I will PM you with any questions :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, I’m so excited :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Omg hello? I would totally read this story when it comes out. Sounds awesome ash :see_no_evil:

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aww! that’s really sweet, thank you so much! :smiling_face:

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