Looking for someone to review a story for me!

I’m almost finished with my Magicka Contest entry, but of course as I’m closer to publication, the more unsure I am of the story ;-;
I’d really like someone to read the first two chapters and basically tell me if it flows, if it makes sense, if characters are likeable, etc etc etc.
Sound and music is probably a bit wonky or completely absent - I haven’t finished tweaking all the sound effects and music yet :upside_down_face:

I’ll absolutely review a story for you in return, or help you make a cover or edit a background or overlay or whatever you’d need.
I just need some peace of mind here :’’)))

Dm me the link. I will give you an honest opinion about the story and the direction. I can’t tell you enough about the grammar. However, if I see a massive grammatical mistake, I will inform you.

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I can definitely help! I am really good at spotting grammar errors and have been writing for a while so can hopefully give good feedback, help, and criticism!

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