Looking for someone to write a story with aka a writing partner!

I am writing The Raven Haired Girl, have posted 3 episodes so far, and have noticed some help coming up with ideas to keep the episodes flowing and how to create some complex coding would be great. I also would like this person to be able to help promote the story! I also am not just looking for someone to write with I would like to have someone with a great character! Thank you!

Greetings! I’ll be more than happy to help out!

I’ll help

I’ll do my best and I will help you if desire. Plus since I’m really creative in my family I think I could help a lot in your story! Either Pm me (Private message) Or go to discord mine is (Rubyoreminer) and Follow me a insta (kuualohaparty)!

  • Thanks if you choose me!,
    xoxo Skylerbeauty

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