Looking for someone to write a story with (collab)

I’m looking for someone to write a story with me, kinda like a collaboration. (I’m open to multiple bc I have no life and i’m inbetween jobs atm, so… I have time :skull:)

After we decide on a plot and characters etc. we’d both code a scene or we could have designated days to code (idm whatever suits best) (we’d share a gmail and episode account so its easier)

Please, know how to code (somewhat advanced as I’d like the story to have a lot of overlays etc.) and be actually willing to dedicate time and effort into this as it would be a daily thing.

If you interested, reply here or dm me on insta (_ samantha._.writes)

Thank You x :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ur insta not showing up

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It should i think, maybe i spelt ot wrong.
Its this one here

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I’m interested in helping as another coder!

Hi I really want to write a story but i do not know how to code