Looking for someone who can do a story cover for me for free!

new episode writer here aswell new with this community and forums, im working on a upcoming story and while everything is going well with it. i still don’t have a cover, now im definitely not the best artist so i couldn’t for the life of me make it myself :sob: im new to this whole thing and im still learning alot, im really confident about this story! but back to the art, im willing to credit you! i can put your preferred credits in my story, i can clarify it in the beginning of all my chapters, whatever you like! just looking for an artist :slight_smile:

p.s kind of a reference pic of how i want them posing!

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Hi, are you looking for a drawn art or edited? and when do you need it by, is it asap?

drawn :slight_smile: and no rush at all! i don’t have a specific time

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I need one too! But idk how to post it, im not new to episode, but to episode forums. If you find someone, could you pls @ me?

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ofc love :slight_smile:

I’ve tried looking for free drawn art shops, no luck so far, most (including me) do edited, but I may have found someone who can help, you can message them and ask @chantelle7

hey! thank you for looking for me, i’ll be sure to check it out :blush:

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