Looking for someone who can do limelight cover


I decided to do a limelight version of The Cloaked Wolf if there is anyone that can do me one I would really appreciate it I will give full credit to. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


do you want it edited or drawn?


Any to be honest I don’t mind whatever your comfortable with.


I can try. Could you send your character details/outfits/background/poses/what words you want on it?


Sure I’ll do it now :slight_smile:


The Cloaked Wolf

Is it possible to add two wolves in the cover I can send you the picture overlay if you can?


yeah, that would be great if you could send the wolves. Also, do you want any bruises/blood/makeup on either of the characters? And what type of font would you like? if you don’t know what font, I can try to find one.


ill send those over and as for font I’m not sure.





no I don’t want no blood or makeup thanks though.


those don’t look like overlays, they have a white bg. Maybe something messed up when u were sending them? Sorry, but if I cut them out it’ll look rly messy and they’ll have a border. btw, I’ll probably have it done by tmr! :slight_smile:


Sorry for late reply , you don’t have to add the wolves then Cause every thtime i find that overlay thats how it comes out when i send it.


hair and brow color for the male, and what color is the females flannel?


Black for hair and brows and sorry what flannel?


the tied flannel jacket


Oh sorry Black please.


If you want anything different, don’t hesitate to ask. Ig: @zapcatini.episode


Thank you so much Its perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: