Looking for someone who can help me fix grammar issues


Hi I;m a new writer and just started working on my first story. English is not my first language so I,m looking for someone who can help me with the grammar as I don.t want bad grammar in my story… Oh and I.m looing for someone who can speak german and english because I have no clue how to write my story on a computer instead of my phone… please contact me : steffismile14@gmail.com thans


I can


omg really?




than you ! i would love for you to help me . :slight_smile:


you can send me the script and I’ll help


okay thanks how can I send you the skript? (sorry I told you I,m new :slight_smile: )


It’s fine! Just copy and paste


or screenshot


sure I;ll try just a moment please


for some reasons it isnt working as my storys not on my pc ( must be a bug) i contacted episode but I neéd to wait untill this is fixed is it okay for you if i send you the sript tomorow?




thank you again for offering me help! :slight_smile:


of course!


I am Episode Community Officials’ Grammar Checker. So, I guess you should consider me.