Looking for someone who can make a cover for my story

Hey guys!

I need a cover for a story that I am currently working on. I don’t specifically know what you guys can make so I am giving you details about my story a little bit for you to assume what type of cover can you make.

So here are the details-


STORY NAME - Heartbeat

It is a story of a girl who is surrounded by a danger that she could have never guessed. She has a pendent given by his grandfather with her and she always wear it. she is waiting for the love that she has never received but surrounded by a danger will she find that love or her heartbeat give up.

I want a cover with no character on it but something like a art scene but if you can’t make that-
Then no worries you could use characters but then there is character information as well

MC FEMALE - Long featured chestnut, purple eyes, soft natural nose, light skin. MC MALE – Short – cropped black, black eyes, Button nose , light skin

A story isn’t complete without a villain. Is it?
I don’t care what the VILLAIN looks Because you guys have got to cover its face with a skull mask.

Can you make the cover in the dimensions like 640 X 1136 so I can directly upload it
And add my name to the cover
Don’t worry I will give credit to every one who is willing to help


Hey girl, I am willing to help, I usually can’t bc I have other request, but I got so much done, I can do yours! PM me for further details!


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What could you make an art scene or a character one

What do you mean by character one?

A cover in which characters from episode is used instead of drawings?

Do you want an example? Of what I’d do?

If you could provide one. That would be great

Here’s one I did for an author!

So you do with character on right?

Sorry, I dont understand what you said?

If so here are the details

Um… A cover with a good scenery (A pretty one like a sunset or something like that)
The two character each other with soft expressions on their (whichever expression you prefer)
in the center of that cover
And for that of the villain place him far behind them with arms crossed bahevior
Oh could you make the villain cut to appear from the wait up (IF you can than place it in top of them but let it appear to be far away)

Could make them in the dimensions that I mentioned above that would be great

And thank you

How long would you take to make this cover??

I don’t have a instagram yet so I messaged you here

For me to get the cover done, maybe in like an hour, or so. But, maybe even sooner :wink:

Thanks for helping me out @NatAttac_101

I have one more question. What do you mean by wait up?

Oh… its actually waist up typing error

So you’d want your villain waist up in the back, and wdym by dimensions?

What does wdym means