Looking for someone who can make a detailed LL cover

Hiya so me and a friend of mine @Cheyara_episode58 are writing a new story together and we’re looking for someone to create us a detailed, eye-catching and sexy-ish cover.

If you’re interested in making us a cover, we’d also like to see examples of covers you’ve done

By no means is that meant to offend anyone
Please only reply to this post if you’re committed to doing this for us, as I stated it has to be detailed

Details of the cover will be sent once we’ve found an appropriate candidate

Also we are doing the story in LL style, so either LL or Realistic style would be appreciated.

Random tags (sorry if you’re not interested…

hello , thank you for sending your examples.
But these are cropped and we’re after custom work

Oh ok

Oh. Examples. One moment. Not all of them are covers, but anyway.



I don’t really know if you’ll choose me to do so, because I just started LL but I would love to help!

You should choose @fcukforcookies though. She’s amazing!


@fcukforcookies ive asked chey to help me to pick :joy: as atm im spoilt for choice

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sure. u know what style fits ur story best :slight_smile:

may take a few days so bare with us :heart: please? :sweat_smile:

I won’t die in a few days :smiley: Well, probably won’t.
So take your time :smiley:


You better not! :joy: Just don’t leave your phone on charge when in the bath!! :smiley:

Welp. There are many other things that could kill me :smiley:

Like eggnog? :joy:

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Shoving a christmas tree up ya ass? :joy::joy:


Yeah don’t mind me im weird :rofl:

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Nope, I already did it. I have problems removing it. Kinda stings

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That’ll be because of the star on top :roll_eyes:

No. I’m not that dumb.
It stings because it’s a spruce

Oh of course, my mistake :joy:
By the way on topic… We’d love to take you up on the offer to create our cover please honey :smiley: We will be able to organise everything for you when the alcohol has worn off :joy:

Same here.
Just text me details when ready. :slight_smile: