Looking for someone who might want a co-writer *CLOSED*

Hi, I’m looking for anyone handy with overlays (If your not that’s fine) who might want to write a story with me. I need more creativity and inspiration, and a co-writer is just what the doctor ordered. I’m very flexible with time, and communication. If you are looking for a partner please consider my offer. Thanks!

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I would like to help you- if the position is already taken, then ignore me :slight_smile:

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Oh my gosh thank Tay! I just feel that a co-writer could really improve my writing skills.

Just let me know what I can do to help

I’m going to hit you with a million questions so be prepared.

  1. What genre do you want the story to be?

  2. Would you want it on your episode account of mine?

  3. Do you want the story to be about a straight, gay, trans, or bisexual person?

  4. Do you want it to be in the perspective of a guy or a girl.

  5. Limelight, or INK?

  6. What country do you want it to be in?

  7. What do you want the basic plot to be?

  8. Can we start a story from scratch together, or do you just want to continue one?

  9. Do you want there to be art scenes, advanced overlays, and complex features?

  10. sorry for the long list, just let me know when you think of the answers.

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I can help… I am gonna answer those… In few minutes…

  1. Romance, fantasy
  2. May be common, yours is fine too…
    3.straight, but I don’t mind any other too…
  3. Girl (it is easier to express that way)
    5.Ink (LL if fantasy- as more options)
  4. Any … No preference ( Boston )
  5. I have a basic idea of fantasy story of a princess, who searches for perfect love but fails and then seeks a witch for potion… which will create on… And so on… (can discuss about it )
  6. We can start from scratch.
  7. Yeah… It will make it look better…
  8. I would like to work with you…

I would like to help I think I’m a little too late tho if so yeah just ignore me too?

Sorry girl!

Hey, Shona. I was going to be co-authors with Tay. But lack of response shows she just might not have much follow through. I do indeed love romantic fantasies, I agree with the characters being straight. (Because I am lol)

I do preferer working with INK, and Boston sounds excellent.
I’m also really pleased that you want to start from scratch, I really wanted it to work out that way.
Do you have any way where I could reach you more privately? Because I think that This could really work out for the best, thanks!

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you can contact me on insta or hangouts

my insta id is @shona_episode and email id is truchi13.rt@gmail.com

you can PM me too… i don’t mind.