Looking for someone who speaks espanol fluently :)


In one of my stories, multiple characters are Latino and speak Spanish. I know quite a bit of Spanish, but I’m hoping someone can help me with dialogue to make conversations sound more fluent and natural so it doesn’t sound like some gringa is writing it lol. If anyone can help me let me know! I’d really appreciate it!


Im not fluent but i can help with grammar


Thanks Jenna I appreciate that! I’ll have to run some stuff by you later so you can give me an opinion :slight_smile:


I can help you a bit with the cultural since I’m latina


Thanks Leslie! That would be awesome 'cause I’d love to include some slang too!


Ok just pm me when you need help😂


Hey I speak Spanish but not fluently either but you can always check Google translator if you want


Thanks girl I totally will! haha


Hey Rachel! I might have to run some stuff by you too! Haha I don’t usually like to use Google Translator because it is often wrong or doesn’t really translate things properly so I would prefer to ask people that actually speak Spanish :slight_smile:


Ok kool that’s okay and yeah that’s true it sometimes give you wrong information


Yeah so I would rather ask all of you guys on episode! lol


I speak Spanish fluently and I’m familiar with Latin American culture, especially Mexican. Feel free to message for any help and translations :blush:


Sure that’s np


@Cam ur fluent right?


Thanks so much AllyJay! That would be super helpful because the Latino characters in the story are Mexican! And I’d love to learn some Mexican slang :joy:


Orale, that’s perfect then! :joy:


Hi! Yeah, i’m fluent, it’s my first language :3


Well, you can start with “Orale”. That’s the most basic “slang(?)” term there is in Mexico. It means so many things depending on the tone of the person:

"Wanna go to that party?"
Orale = Yeah/Sure/Ok

"I still need 5 minutes to get ready, I’ll be there!"
Orale! = Hurry!/Let’s go!

"Hey, that’s it, I think I’m done with my makeup."
Orale? = You’re ready?/Let’s go?/Really?

"That guy just did a triple back flip on the top of that roof right into a pool of freezing water!"
Oooorale! = Holy shit!

"Ouch! My ankle hurts… Look at it, it’s swollen."
Oraleeee… = Oh damn…/Girl, that shit looks like an alien’s going to pop out of your foot, we gotta call an ambulance right now. Not for you, but for me, 'cause I’m about to faint right here right now…

There are many more uses for it, it’s just something we say often. Not constantly, but yeah… :sweat_smile:


Oh my god I love it! :joy::joy::joy:


It’s just so practical :joy: Like the head bobble for Indians. You can use it for pretty much anything.

You might want to show the dialogues that you plan to write for the characters so that we can help you make it sound natural and maybe add some slang to it (: