Looking for someone with talents for intro's & outro's

Hello Lovelies! I’m starting a new story and I’m looking for someone who has talents in making intro’s & outro’s? Possibly some special scenes as well. I’ve tried to look on the forums page and I’ve found a few, but it won’t let me reply/comment.

sorry for asking… lol.
But are you looking for someone to code your intro/outro
or to draw them?

Oh I’m sorry for the confusion! I’m still very new, but I’ve been reading episode since 2014. I’m looking for someone to draw/or make a custom intro/outro for my story. Once I figure out all the details.

u can check my thread
If you want drawn… then they r paid…
but I will do edited ones for free

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For sure! I’d possibly be interested in having something edited!

Are you looking for commissions?

if u want you, you can dm me :relaxed: or just drop a post in my thread.