Looking for someone

Hi I need help finding a background that looks like this but without the hand

or u mean the blue background with the black phone

if u r talking about the blue background with the black phone, i think u should check maybe in the Splash section the backgrounds art catalog.

Yeah that one

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Ok I will

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if you cant find it, type in maybe INT. CELLPHONE - DAY or cellphone

Ok but it has to have the screen crashing

you need a overlay for screen crashing


ill leave this here.

Ok thank you because I saw it in the story called thriller:hello

hm. ask the author of that story if they have the overlay.

Ok I will

I sent her a message on twitter but I am finding phone overlays



Now I need to know which background I should use for one of the phone overlays

any background u want i guess


I can do this without the hand and you can use it as an overlay.