Looking for something different to read


Sick of same old topics same high school drama teacher/student boss/secretary bad boy/good girl romance. Just wanna read something different. Any suggestion…?


These are some good completed stories of various genre and topics: Recommended Stories


You should read “His heart”, That’s a good one.


adrenaline and assassins: femme fatale


Adrenaline is reay good!


Answer Me by @pottercreep
His Heart by JayJay
Speak by @J.Miley
See Trough Me by Erica

And Andrenaline!


H&V:Villainy is a good one


The Reason
Dripping Mascara
Rebounding With Bad
GAME LIFE :heart_eyes:
Dead 7


Adrenaline is awesome 4 kingdoms is another good one hidden identities is brilliant as well.


Thank you so much for reading!


You could read my story I just put out.
Title: Freakish
by Oli Deshae

You could help a girl out.

Okay it’s based in high school, but not so much focused on it.


H & V: In Too Deep

It’s a Romance story unlike any of those things in your post 100% :wink:


“H & V: Fake Friend” :slight_smile: or “Love or Desire” :slight_smile: Both are definitely new for Episode, because I have written them not for reads, but because of being overfilled with inspiration :slight_smile: Moreover, I’m really bad in following the trends, so my stories may seem a bit non-format.


I just read H&V: Villainy it was really good def worth a pass


He can’t tame me (a lot of recognition for minorities, discusses mental health, ONE OF MY FAVES AKSHEKSK, good plot and well written characters, LGBTQ options)
Envy (another one of my faves, regular updates, interesting plot, addictinggg, not the longest chapters, your choices matter)
Asassins heart (addicting, emotional roller coaster, love story but also focuses on other things, good plot and well written characters )

A few more that I can’t be bothered to give descriptions for but trust me they’re amazing:
Dirty little secrets
Deaths game: a new era
The renegades
Somewhere along the way
The trophy wife
Four kingdoms
Fade into me
Kiss me/ kill me
Rebounding with bad
Pure attraction
Assasins oF Blackwood

Sorry I went a littleeeee crazy, happy reading! :joy:



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