Looking for something...I don't know, clean?


Does anyone know of any episodes that don’t feature lots of violence/sexual content/language? I’m going through a rough time (mentally) right now, but I’d still like to be able to find good stories. I’m just asking because every single community-made Story I’ve read so far is really heavy; the last one I read featured an intense scene that ended with a rather disturbing shot of blood being splattered everywhere, which my brain did not like at all.
Thank you for your time–A.


Well my story SIMulation is a good clean story. Sorry for the self promotion, but it really is I hope you feel better, and my pm is always open if you need to talk.


If you’re looking for a clean romance story, may I suggest Anyone But You by Ellaria Jameson? It’s a country romance and if it doesn’t bother you, has some Christian influence (I’m not Christian myself but I didn’t not mind the influences) and also deals with family values. It’s a bit sad at times, but the overall tone is of happiness, love, and finding where you belong! There’s no cursing, violence, or dark scenes in it at all.


My story Is called Olympus Has Chosen and It doesn’t use strong language or Violent Overlays. Please check it out if you have the time :slight_smile:

Hope you feel better (Mentally) soon :slight_smile:


tangled love, I’ve read the classic version but pretty sure the updated is just as good.


Thank you, everyone, for the recs and the kind wishes. I’ll certainly try to look through all of these.


If you’re looking for some clean stories, an author I’d suggest is Joseph Evans. Also, well wishes <3


I too would recommend Joseph Evans.


Yup! He’s a very kid-friendly author, and his stories aren’t too strong nor too soft.


My story, Diary of a Middle School Teacher, doesn’t have profanity or sex scenes in it; it’s a very light, family-friendly story.

Joseph Evans stories are also good, except maybe The Last Goodbye, which did have some profanity in it… however, you can choose to read the version without profanity.