Looking for something magical? Check out my first story, Jeanie In A Bottle!

Hey everyone! I recently coauthored my first Episode story with @fake_bananas for the SWY contest – SWY: Jeanie In A Bottle.

Realising that neither of us thought to make a forum post about it, I was eager to come here and share it with you all!! I am thrilled to do so, and I still can’t believe JIAB is out! :see_no_evil:

gorgeous cover art by @/mimozhoa on IG

Description: Are you Jeanie? Or are you a genie? A timely twist of fate results in a psychedelic switcheroo. Between wishes and witnesses, these two have got a lot to learn.

Genre: Fantasy / Comedy

Setting: 1970s, London, UK

Extras: Full CC for both MCs, a LGBTQ+ storyline, choices that matter, a lot of branching & surprises!

Link to Jeanie In A Bottle!
Enjoy!! We’d love to hear what you think!! :blob_hearts:

Sneak peeks and other goodies can be found on Instagram! :sparkles:
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I’m not doing R4Rs right now. My apologies!


I still love the cover so much :sob:

Hope you guys like the story if you choose to read it! :purple_heart:

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Good Luck! I’ll check it out when I get a chance

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Thank you so much! :blob_hearts:

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Oh this looks so interesting! Definitely gonna read it :heart:

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Thank you!!! We hope you enjoy it :purple_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: