Looking For Splashes


Hello Everyone! :upside_down_face: I’m Looking For Someone Who Can Make The Following Types Of Backgrounds:

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  • Warning: This Story Contains Mature Themes And Language.

Examples From The Story "Bad For My Heart":

~I’d Prefer Them On Any Blue Background


  • All Of The Above Splashes Could Be Overlays Of The Words (Or Just The Individual Backgrounds With The Words Already On Them) And You Could Use The Background And My Character Details To Make Something Like This:
Example From Blue's Splash Thread:

6303af79c7521ad1de60c01b3cff7f39f42086d4_1_281x500 46318278314af40c0b64882cd3f7acfeff65db2c_1_281x500

Background Template For It:

Girls Details (MC):

Hair/Color: Medium Curly Solid/ Medium Warm Brown
Eyes/Color: Female Generic/ Brown Dark
Lips/Color: Small Heart/ Red Deep Gloss
Brows/Color: Arched Thin/ Black Dark
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Face Shape: Diamond Long
Skin Color: Tan Rose

Boys Details:

Hair/Color: Slicked Back Solid/ Black Dark
Eyes/Color: Deepest Downturned/ Brown Dark
Lips/Color: Medium Heart/ Beige Gold Matte
Brows/Color: Straight Medium/ Black Dark
Nose: Male Generic
Face Shape: Male Generic
Skin Color: Beige Deep Natural

~Yes I Have Tried Making These Backgrounds Myself And I Don’t Like The Way They Come Out :joy:.Thank You In Advance! :grinning:]


I can do it for you! @ChayChay


I can


Give me 1-4 hours


wanna do 3 and i do 3


I would love to help out. I’ll wait for your approval in case you are still looking! :slight_smile:

Here are some examples of splashes I have done! :blush:


(don’t mind this last splash, heh :sweat_smile:)


Do you want a background for every diffrent splash




I Really Like The Last One, Lol.


Oh, thank you! I was playing around with my editor! :blush:

Let me know if I could make you some splashes, I’d have no problem at all! :slight_smile: