Looking for stories choices matter full CC

I want a decent story with full CC (skintone changes mandatory)

NO art scenes

Choices matter(or choices in general)

No “not like other gurls” MCs(hates dresses/mean but played off as “sarcasm” seen as strong but is just abusive)

An academy story(magic school/mysterious school lore)

A decent fantasy story

A nice drama/thriller

Anything decent genre doesnt matter


Hey! You might like my story! (I’ll also give some other suggestions for you other than my self promo lol)

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6258686293245952

Story Card:

And some other fantastic stories that fit your description:

  1. Siren by Selene
  2. Art-Ache by Lou C.
  3. Moonlit Feathers by Wincy W.
  4. Galactic Game by Lucky
  5. Diary of a Trouble Maker by Toriah
  6. Hit and Run by Elise C.

I hope you find a story you like soon!!


LOST by Mary D Sava


oh that’s a really good one!!


Isn’t it? I’ve replayed it a few times, hehe. :relaxed:


My story has full CC and a glasses choice for the MC. Choices matter and no art scenes.
Title: Ice Cold Death
Description: When Emily Green drops dead at Club Scarlet, the city tasks you, their best detective, with bringing her family justice. Can you solve the case?
Genre: Mystery
Episodes: 4 (completed)


Hello @Willowbean i have a story that fits your requirements. Are you interested to check it out? :heart:


Did someone say…GLASSES?


I have a horror story out that seems to fit your standards, but it does have only one, short, small art scene in episode 4. ;-; It was the only one I planned to add–
You can check it out if you’d like, but I understand if that’s like a major deal-breaker. It offers full CC for the MC (including her name, and skin tone for overlays), the 2-3 love interests (one is a girl if you choose that you’re bisexual, but platonic option is available for her as well. You can CC nontheless.), and the son (you can also name him). Every single choice matters, and it will have over six endings.

the story card & the link

story card:

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5319692842106880

Some stories I love that fit your interests: Too Much Space, Tender Love, Verses From the Stars, Queendom, Love Me Black & Blue.


Show me n.n

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Thanks for this! :star_struck:

Story Details


You can try my story if you’d like!
-Full CC
-Choices matter
-No art scenes

Liar Liar
Episodes 1-3 out now!
Violet is a former con-woman, the best there was. But what happens after quitting her life of crime she finds out her new business partner is a man she’s previously conned? Silence him, or seduce him again?


I’m reading that one right now (and just finished your other story last night)! They’re both spectacular!

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Dirty Little Secrets!!! It’s so good, full cc, choices matter, it’s mystery and romance. By Cindy Gaultier

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Aw thank you so much! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart:

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You should check out College Of Eternity. The story heavily depends on your choices, multiple love interests and branches, school of magic, vampires, wolves, fairies, angels, and demons are a thing. Basically, your character has to find out what she is. The story is by Sophookies, and I freaking love her content. She has a lot of other stories just like this, and even has one of them in the INK version.

The Frontier by Kay Elle has everything you can dream of with a big POC cast and the additional ability of choosing gender and religion!

The Midas Touch by Toriah!

The Revival by Toriah!

The Lady’s Affair by Kheyr and Spirit!