Looking for stories with complex combat systems

Title says it all.
I have a huge idea that would be epic if it worked but I don’t think it’s gonna work. I really want to see what other people have for a more involved combat game-like system.
Genre and art style don’t matter, reads don’t matter, sensitive subject matter doesn’t… matter? Just show me the stuff you like :+1:


Try DD: Digital Girl by @Ana.Louise. Might be what you’re looking for.

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I’m a little confused by what you mean. If you mean you want the characters to be gamers that play combat games, then I don’t have any suggestions. I dislike that kind of story, so I don’t read them.

But if you mean you wanna see the characters fighting, doing way more than what the Episode animations allow… then “Sprint” by @Licorice is the only one I’d recommend! The fight scenes in that story are amazing! :ok_hand:t3:The author tends to use a whole bunch of overlays to make it happen, and it’s all put together so professionally to create probably one of the best stories I’ve ever read! It’s like watching a movie!

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YEESSS that’s exactly it. Thank you!

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I’ll give it a read. Thanks!

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The Wall by JMiley (Limelight)
The Ruby Tiara by WIncy W (Ink)
Adrenaline (Ink & Limelight)


I wrote a story that includes this. These types of scenes don’t frequently occur till episode five.

“7 Days Without Her (INK)”

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