Looking for stories with witches, magic and spells

Hello, any I’m looking stories about spellcasting, magic and witches.
Not a fan of vimpires and warewolfs much
Any recommendation?
Looking mostly about finished stories, but share on going stories too.


Hi, there you may want to put this thread in “Promote Your Story” so people can promote their stories if they have what you’re looking for in them. And so bookmarking this thread, I love witches a lot :star_struck:

And elves :smirk:

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Done <3

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I assume you know of Galileo School of Magic by Lee Funk? thats the only one i know of.

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I do, it’s a great story :smiley:

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It is about witches, but also it includes vampires. But the plot and the direction is done well. And it is so nice to read.


my story is called black hearts golden desires its an ongoing story and its my first one. I would be glad if u could give it a try… let me know what u think…

Author: Madhu
Story Title: Black hearts golden desires
Genre: Fanatsy
Description: Nand a sorcerer princess of solataria has two beautiful loving sisters, her other two halves.But what happens when it becomes the vice versa and an old enemy from their past comes back for revenge? Will nand overcome it? or will she fail??
Chapter: 6 (more coming up soon)
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5019562149478400
Instagram: @episode.angelindisguise
Cover :

life’s a witch by @arielcodilla

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My story is about a magic. The characters use their Aura’s as an Essence to produce magic.

Title: Dark Essence
Episode: 3
Genre: fantasy/romance
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @tldax913.episode


Description: When the darkness inside threatens to break free & destroy everything you hold dear… Will you seek comfort in the ones you love or allow your Dark Essence to take over? (Lim CC)


Also try:
Double Temptation by @Menia
Empress of Time by @Himeji

Thank you, but it’s “Dark Temptation” :speak_no_evil: Double Temptation is not my story :grin:

The Dragon Bride by earlgreytea!

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here’s my newest story if you’re interested!
Title: Life’s A Witch
Author: Ariel C
Genre: Fantasy x Comedy
Style: Ink
CC: Yes!
Description: Stella is a witch that can control minds through seduction. She’s given the mission of a lifetime, but has to attend mortal high school. Life can be a real witch sometimes. CC
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5391505830772736
Instagram: @episode_ariel

You can try Tribe of Malapinchi.

No western type of fantasy though… no vampires werewolves etc.

Got some magic too.

Hey there, these stories are also about magic and fit to the fantasy genre <3
I highly recommend to give them a read:

Raven by @sandy.green.episode
Essentia by @TLdax913 and also the newest story DARK ESSENCE by @TLdax913
Empress of time @Himeji
Hunt or get hunted @Owlquest



Nice cover :heart: looks intresting :smiley: i’ll check it out

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You won’t regret! Let me know what you think! I’m addicted to this story!

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The Wizards Curse. I can’t remember who wrote it but I honestly feel like you would enjoy it.

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Mystic love by Geminba

Omg! I’m sorry