Looking for story HELP

I am looking for this episode story where the mc goes to her favorite spot and is found by a gang member and he takes her to the gang leader who has the same purple eyes as the mc and it is later found out that she is his daughter that he thought was dead.

Im not sure if thats what you’re looking for, but I think it’s the episode original story ’ blood lust’ or ‘love at first bite’

hey, im also looking for a story!! it is a story where the mc goes to some kind of vacation and then breaks a very important ruby. the ruby breaks into several parta and the mc and her friends have to find the pieces. they travel between different worlds and the mc and her friends also find a new friend who is some kind of an alien i think haha. Can anybody help me please?

i think it’s through the worlds by ksenia but it’s been removed on the episode app