Looking for story recommendations that have no choices


I am currently looking for stories that have no choices affecting the storyline. I’ll be honest, I have no desire for those stories because some of their choices are not that great (except for the few that are great).
Please throw some suggestions at me.


I have a story thats newish, it has choices that don’t affect storyline :slight_smile:
Here a link if you’re interested!


Hello again haha. My story only has minor choices that don’t affect the ending :slight_smile: Feel free to check it out:

Title: CYBER
Author: Vivi
Style: Limelight
Genre: Fantasy, Action
Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
Description: You are a gamer with no life. Harsh, but true. With a tournament coming up in your favorite VR game to play, CYBER, who knows what will happen?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4657138351603712


Then you can definitely check out my story Tribe of Malapinchi


My story has choices that affect dialogue than the plot, and that the MC/LI are endgame. Thrill of the Hunt by Azaria Sin if you like murder-mysteries.

I won’t lie, I actually don’t mind stories without choices. But I strongly dislike stories that claim choices matter when they don’t, since it’s a waste of replays and passes.


Fallen by LG


Don’t forget to say that your story includes amazing backgrounds, overlays on point, music sound and a great plot!


Aww thank you so much! I remember you, I read Music in our hearts! Was a nice read :purple_heart:


Oooh. Thank you so much :sunglasses:


Thank you guys for the suggestions, I will be reading them today.