Looking for story suggestions please!


Here are my favourites:
Crossed Paths by Dreamer (@Days)
My favourite mistake by Em (@emdellarosa)
Dreams and Nightmares by Dreamer (oh, that’s my story!)

and all the ones I have as recommended on my profile :slight_smile:


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I would recommend (very interesting plots):

  1. :smiley: mine: The Darkness’s Touch (Julia, 3 episodes) @ANERIS
  2. I will always find you by Maria.StorieWritter @Maria.StoryWritter
  3. RISEN by Dom @Dxmonds

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Story Suggestion :blush:

Title: Masked By Pride

Genre: Romance\Drama

Author: NB

Style: INK

Instagram: nb_episode_

Description: A love-hate relationship grows between Gabriella and her handsome but annoying Boss Chris. When Gabriella is forced to see Chris everyday, how will things go between them?
( Promise this isn’t a typical Love-Hate Story. It’s full of surprises and plot twists! )

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4556051831848960



Hi everyone! :blush:

Instagram: @snow_whiteb.episode
Episode profile: Snow_whiteb

Here’s my story:

Title: Reset: love code fail
Author: Snow_whiteb
Genre: Romance
Sub genre: Apart from horror, there is a bit of everything
Style: LimeLight
Episodes: 4 (almost 5 and ongoing)
Story description: You used to live a perfect life, but it was all a lie. Follow Rhea in her search for her real identity, true love and the evil person who’s trying to use her to change the world.

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5941839191212032

Notes: main character customization available; choices don’t affect the ending, but influence your story experience (sometimes totally different scenaries); the setting is various since you get to travel a lot; the story uses sound; it occasionally contains adult themes and strong language.

Read for Read: since I’m always searching for new stories to read, of course!

Info: If you want to keep updated, have questions or just want to tell me something, use the fanmail or DM me on Instagram. Feedback is really appreciated! Thank you!

Story cover:


Story title - Midnight Memories
Author - Evija Jureviča
Episodes - 12 (more coming soon)
Style - Limelight
Genre - Romance
Description - Ayla flies all the way from Ireland to somewhere in America, when she’s supposed to spend a summer in some kind of rehabilitation center for people with anorexia.
Warnings - A lot od strong language and mature themes coming soon.
Notes - Limited character customization for lead characters at the begining and later other characters too.

Choices don’t affect the storyline a lot, just a little.
Just like in a book or movie.

Link - http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5689448274984960



Name: Santa’s Naughty List
Chapters: 10
Style: Ink!!
genre: Comedy\Psychological Drama! (CC+INK)
Santa Claus is a loser who lost everything he had
600 years later he meets MC, a stereotype of a cliche teen.
Will they change?

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5450332879585280


A story i read about mental health is called He cant Tame me
And yes it is a romance story, but it does talk about self-harm and other things like that and no i did not write the story


Feel free to check out mine? :slight_smile:
Title- Hidden Behind Lies…
Authors Name- Chy.Dillon
Genre- Action/Romance…
Description- What happens when your dad has a past and it finally catches up to you? Nothing is what it seems….

story link_ http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5630728767930368

Also i recommend
Linked - By @sandy.green.episode
Hunt or get hunted- By @Owlquest
Dreams and Nightmares- By @RainbowCat
Scars- By @xinxmyxeye
Crossed Paths- By @Days


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Hi guys I just finish Recently Royal and I have nothing else to read. If you can recommend me a story that you loved that would be amazing. I pefer stories with drama, romance, and action.
Thank you,

Please Include:

  • Title
  • Authors Name
    *( optional)cover

Edit: Thank you to all who have recommend a story for me. I will try to read all thank you.:heart:


My Psycho
Bukii Dim


Bukii Di.*


Thanks I’ll check it out