Looking For Talented Artists For A Thread

So our recent thread Artistic Angels just closed down and some of us are sticking together to create a group one. You must be active on forums often because that’s a major reason why our last group closed down. I have school today so if I don’t talk to you soon that’s why.

We Need:

  • Cover Makers
  • Splash Makers
  • Character Edits/Drawers
  • Overlay Makers
  • Digital Artists
  • Background Editors
  • Pfp Makers
  • Script Helpers

Please Leave:

  • What all do you make?
  • At least 4 examples of your work
  • How active you are?
  • Are you going to take requests?
  • Do you have work, school, etc?
  • What’s your Time Zone?

@paigebarr @Problematic_Patrick @appleqrl @SASB @Ghosty @Sunset_Shimmer let me know if your for sure going to be in the new group. :revolving_hearts:

Random Tags

I don’t know if any of you are interested so sorry if your not.

@Rac5hel @Teahwalker @Silver_Shadow @ChayChay @Malukah @Cassandra_Dean @Rowan2 @Bethany1 @anj @PerplexedJam @Silver_Shadow @Dark.Epy @R.es.Story @KatieI @_Nasia @phlegmatic @TheCreepyNun @xApplex @Forever1201 @UltimaW @Arwen_Episode @inkkee @A.C.epi @mindy_epsiode @sofia2 @keiji @granolias @puma @MysteryMaker @SophiaM @Sophbee @Gamer_Gurl @Queen_K @CrazygirldY_dY_dY @AuthorMDWrites @jenna1012 @talesbyrose @Daniela96 @EVL.Daisy @Raybadem @estherdekker @zoe4564 @frvnces @Mouse.Episode @Addivi101 @valeria.episode @lanafrazer_episode


I will stay but I can only take two requests at a time because I am in other groups to and people are requesting not from threads also.

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Ok ty :heartbeat:

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I do







I really don’t have alot of examples for this

•Art scenes

Art Scenes

I don’t have many for this



•Art splashes

Art splashes

•Character Edits

Character edits



I have school, band practice on Tuesdays and softball
I don’t know what timezone I am in but I am one hour before you


Ok thank you again💗

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Your welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you for the tag I’ll consider it :smile:

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Thanks leslie :blue_heart:

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Thanks for the tag, but I’m very busy with school as I am having my exams.

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Thanks, But more than enough people know I’m not really active lol


Lol it’s ok

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Ok ty anyway :revolving_hearts:

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I’m quite busy with school and requests, but I will consider about this.

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Ty :heartpulse:

Thanks for the tag I have to think about if I would join.

Mainly I need to think if I’m good enough to be a part of this lol. I could send some examples of my work and maybe then you could tell me if I would be useful for the thread.

And of course I need to think about school because I’m supposed to go on a 7week internship.

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Of course and I would love to see your examples. I plan on making the real thread in a few days or next week so don’t worry about timing.

Thanks for the tag.

  • What all do you make?
    I am actually a digital artist but since i’m taking commissions now no request regarding covers, art scenes etc so I won’t be willing to volunteer myself for that but I’m pretty good at coding and backgrounds editing as well so I can ask for that positions in the group.
  • At least 4 examples of your work:
    I’ll send you some via PM cause I edit them for my story and I wouldn’t like them to be used by public as I try to keep my stuff unique but if you’d like to see how much of a coder I am you can read my latest story LURKING IN THE SHADOWS.
  • How active you are?
    Almost 12hrs. But I reply to messages when I get free.
  • Are you going to take requests?
    Yes but not too often regarding backgrounds but i’ll be always open to take the script helping ones whenever needed.
  • Do you have work, school, etc?
    Yes I’m a student.
  • What’s your Time Zone?
    I don’t discuss my timezones publicly sorry.

Ty :heartpulse:

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I’m joining for sure, I’ll send deets later.

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Thanks for a tag. I’m already in an art group and I can’t cope at the moment I’ll think about it tho

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