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Hello…! I am looking in Dara’s website for template when’ you CC youre character and for flash-backs the character still stays the way it been CC? Plz helps me Thnksss :yellow_heart::sunflower:

Link for CC: https://www.dara-amarie.com/customization

She doesn’t have a template for that one.

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What would be different in the flashbacks?

Thank-you. But do you knows if for the CC wpuld it be the same if I do flash - back scene? Like they looks the same?

they should be. hm, I’ll tag @Dara.Amarie just in case.

Oki I will wait. Thank- you again for help :yellow_heart:

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@Dara.Amarie sorry too tag you but can you helps me plz :yellow_heart:

Are you going to be changing the character’s appearance for a flashback scene? And is your question asking how to have the character go back to their customized look after the flashback scene?

I am asking if my readers CC their character and I want too add flash back how can I make the flash-back character as ones they CC?

Is there a separate character for the flashback?

You don’t need to create more than one character. You can use your main character and if you want to change the appearance of that character to make them younger, etc. you would just use the previews command to change their look. Then to change the character back to how the readers CC’d them, use the unpreviews command.

For example, if you want the character to look younger for a flash back scene and want to change the hairstyle and face shape, you would do this:

@CHAR previews face Square Youthful
@CHAR previews hair Full Pigtail

Then after the flashback scene when you want to revert the character back to the original look:

@CHAR unpreviews face Square Youthful
@CHAR unpreviews hair Full Pigtail

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Me get it now. Thank-you …!:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::innocent:

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