Looking for the artist who did my cover!


Hi so this is kind of a weird topic.
About a year ago I asked an episode writer who’s also an artist to make me a few backgrounds which she did and I’m very grateful for.
Despite it being over a year now I’m still not ready to publish my story but when I do I’d like to give her credit for her work.
At the time I contacted her on instagram but the account I was using at the time I deleted and I think she’s changed her instagram name.

Her name was alexis or maybe shortened to alex her episode avatar is caucasian and brunette if I remember correctly. Also I think her last name was Mitchell but I’m really not sure.

I’d really like to give her credit when I do publish my story so I’d appreciate some help.

Thanks so much.


Can yo send us a pic of her cover? Some of us might be able to identify the artwork… like some people have a style like @stronglcve adds a shadow to her text. She probably didn’t do it but that’s an example lol


Possibly I will upload a picture if her work.
Thanks for the reply.


I will thanks for the reply.




Huh, idk…


I can

examples here


She’s not looking for a cover, all of us who replied are trying to help her find out who made her cover so she can properly credit them.


Where did you request this? I may know how to find them. :slight_smile:


I requested it on instagram all the details i have on the person are in my previous message, I hope it helps.


Look through your dms! :blush:


I said I can’t because I deleted my instagram.


Oh, I see…

There is a watermark on your cover, actually. It says art by @alexis.stories. I would credit her in the story. :slight_smile:


I placed the watermark there actually to credit her but unfortunately she changed her name so the credit to her is invalid so I’d like to do it properly at the end of each episode by writing it but I can’t find her specific instagram or episode name.


Ah, I see… I would still credit her possibly, because I’m sure she would know it was her, and I’m sure she would appreciate the credit.


Thank you for your answer and your help that is really reassuring.:smiley:


No problem! As an artist myself, there are many artists who don’t receive credit for their artwork being used, if you at least show that you gave credit, it is very appreciated, because it’s not common people are giving credit these days, I’m sure. I’m glad I could help you! :blush:


Thank you I understand a bit better now :smile: