Looking for these overlays

Could somebody help me?
Please do not link me to an art shop. Honestly, they’re too confusing and I spend too much time trying to read everything and filling out a “form” that it feels like homework.

If someone could just help me with these overlays, it would extremely helpful.

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar




Does anyone know any Google forms or anything with more musical instrument overalys or even blanket overlays?

Thank you!
Lynne Harper :heart:

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You can make your own overlays really easy with this website :point_down:t2:

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Screenshot_2020-09-23_at_4.48.21_PM__1_-removebg-preview Screenshot_2020-09-23_at_4.48.21_PM__2_-removebg-preview

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Thank you so much!! :heart:

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