Looking for tips for a nice intro!

Hello everyone!

I’m Arabelle Audrey (Instagram: aradreyiswriting) and I am getting started on my first Episode story! If you are Episode authors, I’d love for you to give me useful tips to make a good - looking intro! Any tip or advice you may write down below would be of great help to me, as I am trying to get the gist of directing and all that jazz.

Have a good day!

Avoid author inteuduction, they are anoying and a waste of time.

Dont make a cc only chapter

What is your plot where do it start,

Example if its about a Girl getting kidnaped, no one Care to see her wake up get dresses go to School, and then get kidnaped on her Way home

No just skip to her on the Way home getting kidnaped.

avoid Info dump , information shall be sewn into the story in a simple Way, not dump onto the readers at once


Try to start the story off with a “bang” which introduces your main character and tells you a little bit about him/her

For example, if your MC likes to sleep and is kind of on the lazy side, you can start the story a little like this:
(MC is sleeping)
(someone yells)
See that girl who’s being yelled at right now?
@MC is (an embarassed animation)
That’s me.

It’s good to show, not tell, what your characters’ personalities are.


if we are really talking about intro usually are some animated overlays used - it should give some impression of either the name story or the content of the story and it should be not too long.

It’s hard to give more detailed hints since it depends a lot on the story itself - a different intro will be for the mystery of romance story for historical or sci-fi one…


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