Looking for Top Favourite episode story’s Help



I am looking for episodes story’s preferably ones with a lot of overlays and uses art scenes as well as any that you found similar to a fifty shades of grey vibe! Also in ink not limelight please give me a list of your favourites

I personally love
death games new era
Deep attraction series
it just a illusion series


There’s fake love true love but idk if it gives off a fifty shades of grey vibe


Thanks for the story what are your top favourite episode story’s you read


The Last Goodbye
Meet you at home
Pregnant by my student
Pregnant by my student 2: Monster
Glitch girl
Wasted Roses
Ace of Hearts
Loving in Retrospect
Precious Mistake
The She Player {Not released yet}


Have you read Fine Line?


Maybe try the Teacher it has nice art scenes and I like it! Orr Femme Fetal?


The teacher (Limelight) is good too


Omg yess I love that cant wait for her to update it again


I have read the teacher I loved It read all her stories by that author brozoned is the only limelight one I liked i don’t know why I hate limelight reminds me of the sims or Barbie dolls :roll_eyes:


I never read the limelight never was a fan of it looks like Barbie dolls or sim characters and it cringey with some of the animations


I know a really good one as well it’s so beautiful and has Amazing art scenes it’s called the enchantress it was a episode featured story but not anymore stripped is good to
And if you really want a good one the bunny boiler omg the clothes it’s basically escort jobs if you search up the bunny boiler on google it will explain it


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I have lots of overlays in mine and art scenes too.

Story: Autumn Falls.
Author: Luna.
Genre: Romance.
Style: Ink.


it’s the same author


Hi thank you for welcoming me I love the app just looking for completed stories in ink can’t wait for new ink updates you have no idea how much this app has helped me in my darkest times


Thank you will definitely read it then I love reading story’s that are completed but if it’s not that’s okay you use the same art scene maker as miss mj with chan reaction and it’s just a illusions series I knows it’s gonna be good especially with the cover