Looking for training backgrounds (& others)

Hey there! I hope this is in the right place…

I’m looking for a few custom backgrounds to use. I’m sure many already exist that would serve the purpose I’m looking for but I’ve been looking around Instagram and not had much luck so I’m hoping someone can help! Backgrounds you’ve made yourself, or those by other people that you can think of. Obviously I’ll give credit and everything in line with the creator’s terms.

I’m looking for:

  • Training rooms: all types really, I’ll probably need multiple. Just big open spaces, maybe mats on the ground, equipment around. It’s mainly for combat training.

  • Board/meeting/office rooms

  • Computer research labs - I know there is an Episode one but it’s really cluttered with computers, I’d prefer something with a bit more space for characters to talk in there etc. as well as being able to use computers

  • Weapons room

I think that’s all I can think of that I need for now! Thanks in advance for any recommendations!


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I know who


Thank you so much! I’ll check their stuff out Xx

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