Looking for tree and chainsaw overlays

I’m writing a story about a haunted tree, but I can’t find a background or overlay that matches. Just a romantic tree, maybe a willow or oak, and a dead version of the same. Also can’t find chainsaws amongst the props and overlays. I am pretty new at this, lol.

Will definitely give credit in the story, and will follow/share on Instagram. Any and all advice, too, is appreciated.

I found this: (I’ll keep updating this)

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Thank you, I’ll definitely download the chainsaws! Shall I credit iris_episode?

No thank you, I don’t own these. I got them from a copyright free website. But fill free to share your story with me:)

~im going to keep updating my last reply with haunted house themed backgrounds and overlays btw
(actually no I won’t it ran out of the good BGS)

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Don’t know if any of these are any use to you :heart:

These are beautiful, and perfect. Thank you!

No problem at all. Glad I could help :grin::heart:

Perfect Can I use them and credit you ? :wink:

Yeah of course you can :grin: