Looking for underrated stories to read!


I have read so many amazing episode stories and I’m now struggling to find more! Does anyone have any underrated user stories they’d like to recommend ??


What are your preferences?


Anything with good directing and good grammar tbh, I do love a drama or a mystery story, but I’ll read anything that others recommend :blush:


The Night We Met by @BarS


The Ladies Man’s Playbook by Scotti
Smoke and Mirrors books 1 and 2 also by Scotti
Jezebel and Mawazaa by Coovu
Telvoikai by Vaena
Hot Pursuit by SK Tales
Ley Lines by Anya Reinhardt which is on the current shelf
Reputation by Mira Mira


Santa’s naughty list by @Mehaslim2
Happenstance, Making Lemonade, Your Secret Admirer, 14 Months


My friend’s story is so hilarious and cute! It’s called Loving You Again by @fluffyrice


You can also read
Title: A Criminal’s Love: double trouble
Episode 1-4 (more to come)

The Salerno twins ( Crystal &Diamond) fall in love with two brothers ( a drugsdealer and a hitman. But Crystal doesn’t wants a relationship with Donnovan… Besides these guys are thr twins father sworn enemy… But when a criminal loves he will everything to get you

A mix of Romance, Drama, Comedy and Crime


All of these are amazing underrated stories:
Connect the Dots by Havana
The Next Stage by Lisa P
Different Worlds by dkr
Captive by Rose and Hazel
Two to Tango by granolias
Black Betty by Jess Fox

Here’s my story as well if you would like to check it out.
Title: Breach of Contract
Author: Chelsea
Genre: Action
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5056498540216320

Thanks! :black_heart:


Flashback Friday by @Daisy_W

Such a funny story with only 300+ reads (deserves much more!!!)


Thanks @Apes! :sunglasses:


I recommend:
Karma’s A Beach by Merrow Rose
Girl Of Deception By @IDONTKNOWREAL
Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future By @WinterMoon05
Gang Affiliated By @bethanyk14
Shifter By @Aurrorah


Omg, thank you so much!! :blush::blue_heart:


Thank you so much that it means so much to me :heart:


Thank you for recommending my story :slight_smile:


You can give my story a try Some Sort of Drama It’s about a young woman going through everyday life fighting for the affections for man with an old friend,


Thank you so so much for recommending my story! <3