Looking for unique hidden gems? Then check this author out

Then check out another author named Josie Jackson on Episode. She has a lot of stories which are so unique and wonderful that I need to tell everyone about it.

She currently has four stories in the Second Chance franchise:

  • Second Chance: A Different Rainbow
    (A story about living with autism)
  • Second Chance: The Beginning
    (Just a classic cliche romance)
  • Second Chance: Hiding the Truth
    (A LGBTQ story about the prejudices as an LGBTQ person)
  • Second Chance
    (This is the main story. The franchise is based on mental health and covers topics like r*pe, depression, suicide, epilepsy, type 1 diabetes, heart disease while having a minor “mafia” storyline to create a bit of drama. It actually displays how the mafia impacts on mental health. Such a unique storyline).

Then she has other stories too:

  • The 50k Bounty
    (About a cowboy bandit who steals from others. Covers topics such as racism injustice as a side story)

  • Zero
    (A comedy about a superhero with magic powers who kicks villains butts. If you like Batman, this is for you).

Check this author out! I’m not joking. Her stories are so unique and I look forward to seeing more work from her in the future. And the best thing is, all her stories are complete and she doesn’t use wait passes. Gems are only for bonus/triggering scenes.

Please don’t use this post to promote other stories. Only discuss this author’s stories. Thank you.


Sounds exactly like my type of story; I live for unique. I also really love stories that feature someone who has health issues/disabilities, since I like to see them get represented (properly) in the community. Thanks!



My pleasure. Hope you enjoy reading and check out the author’s stories too.

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