Looking for website/app that has free photos

I’m looking for places to find backgrounds but the only websites I could find require a free trail or costs money. Any recommendations

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Freepik has free & paid ones

If you’re looking for backgrounds in general to use for your story, you can check out my drive :grin:

Pexels, Unsplash, Free-Images, and Pixabay (as @/Marysol.Episode mentioned) are all websites that have libraries that offer free pictures that are royalty-free. If you’re looking for a website that can modify pictures to have a more illustrated or painted look, you can try FotoSketcher!

Joseph Evans has a tutorial about sourcing and making photos that you can use for your stories without worrying about fees or copyrights. (Just in case that interests you…)

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Wow your bgs are so cool! :hushed:

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Thank you :pleading_face:

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Hey so since you make backgrounds I’m hoping you can make me a few. I need a trailer beardom and Front of the trailer/where steering wheel is inside looking out. I also want you to make the trailer looking poor and rough. I do have a background for the living room/kitchen so the bedroom and front of the trailer will look similar and look like it’s part of the same trailer

PicsArt has a lot!

So, I do make backgrounds but I do not take requests, I’ll take this as a suggestion, because I may or may not do this in the future!

Ok thank you

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If you do decide to make it in the future could you tag me please?

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