Looking for writers!

I have been trying to write an episode story for over a year but I’ve kind of given up on it. I am good with directing and coding but I’m not very good at the writing portion so I’m looking for someone to help co-write an episode story. If interested, DM me and I’ll explain more in-depth what I’m looking for.

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Hey, Bree! Uh, so I barely just started creating on Episode. I am having trouble coding. I got a story sort of made. I got characters, a plot, a problem, and some hard choices. It’s complex though. The story is about a zombie apocalypse, but the reader is a zombie. They’re basically one of the few people who are revived, but problem is, the reader doesn’t remember who they are until certain words, places, or possibly people trigger their memories. Let me know if you you’d be interested in helping me out with this. I have a google document with this sorta planned out. Would also love som suggestions as well!

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I would love to help you out with your story! It sounds like a really fun and unique story to write!

Yay! I’m glad you think so! Here’s my Insta if you want to talk more about it! - potatomonse

I sent a friend request and a message.

Can i have your insta?