Looking for writing group

Hi there,
Are you looking to find a writing group?
If so come join my team. My email is at episodestoryteam@gmail.com

maybe sure i was getting ready to start a new story i have lots of ideas

OK go ahead a send me an email at episodestoryteam@gmail.com

Hi, I’m interested, but what exactly would i have to do?

I can add you to my group if you like

Hi, I wouldn’t mind being a part of your group if there are still spots available. I love the coding and directing part of the story. I prefer to do that instead of writing the actual story plot. So if you need help with directing and coding and stuff, I would love to help and be part of your group!

So if anyone is confused I’m looking for a fantastic group of people for a writing group I have lots of spots left so don’t feel pressured. It is your choice no peer pressure from me. So if you are interested email me at episodestoryteam@gmail.com or the pm me on Instagram at crikazuna_writers

Would we be doing coding or help writing the plot?

I can help if u need any arts or ideas

Yes. If you have an Instagram pme at crikzuna_writers

Sure email me at episodestoryteam@gmail.com

My insta is darkangel_episode

But I’ll be on insta tmr

And if you want examples,

OK I added you and keep would love to see examples