Looking for writing partner for new ink story


Hi i am looking for someone who can help me write my story, it is about Anne and Danny whom have grown old and look back on old times with their friends and kids (flashbacks)

I frequently have writers block and not much time (i am also the WORST at spelling in english, french and slovak)




sure how do we do it? lol


That was fast, lady :joy:


i am know to respond quick


I speak all those languages+ eveeything else!


really? where you from


America ovbiously. I take classes. But I’m better at spanish, and french.


oh i was born in Slovakia then raised in canada


Like a adopted?


nope my parents were living with my opa for a bit when i was born and we then moved back to canada


Lmao. Nice. Do you speak slovak


enough to talk but not fluent


I can teach you Slovak




Of course!:heart:


should we have a email or private chat so you can help me :slight_smile:


I’d love to private chat. CAUSE I can’t keep up with my emails.




how do i do it?