Looking for Writing partner please if your available

Hi Guys I’m looking for a writing partner who wants to write stories with me. Creative side and coding I’m ok with and got an idea for a story in mind just not good with writing it. The story includes greek mythology, greek gods, lesbian story, monster and beauty, love story
Let me know if you are interested and want to know more, message me

I’ll make a cover for you if its INK but I can’t have with coding

I literally cannot code, but I am pretty good at writing (and have been practicing writing scripts for scenes and stuff to perform a lot lately). I love Greek mythology, and I love sapphic stories. If you really just need someone to help you write a screenplay, without having to code themselves, I’d absolutely love to do it.

You had me at mythology (and then again at lesbian), I can code

I can’t code but I would consider myself a very seasoned writer. Dm me @snicker_kitty on instagram if you need a resume.