Looking for writing partner?


I am looking for a writing partner!
Do the google forms below
~One thing you must have is a way to communicate with me besides forums.
~I wanna some similarities with you so if you like romance, but a bit of Mafia and Gang business your the right type of person for me.

Do this form:

Hope to here from you soon!!! :heart:


Submitted! :upside_down_face:


@Kalizzza Thanks queen :crown:


No problem! I love writing :ok_hand:t5:
I hope I qualify to be your writing partner


Course girl! :smile:


Cool! Sorry I don’t have any social media tho


Its fine, whats your epi account name?


Same as here


okay I will follow u.


YOU’VE READ “Our Gang” internal screams


Best story ever!!!


:scream: IM legit about to scream! You get me so well


Lmao!! :joy:


I am currently making my episode backgrounds!!!


where do u want me to txt u from?


Pm is fine


Can someone write and help me in coding


i mean write with me and help me also


What kind of story are you writing?


what kind of story you want to write?