Looking forward to create a team to make action stories based on my ideas

I am pretty much new to this thing but i do have a big idea for a story . I need good coders , artists and someone to create even more suggestions !

If you are interested pm me . Thanks in advance !


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I can be a coder and artist!

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" If you are interested pm me. Thanks in advance ! "

Also by Artists i dont mean only covers

Material Objects as well as Locations !!!

Im still here !

If you go on the profile of @AlyssaThePretzel you can see, that she’s been suspended.

This is 1 month later … im without a team

Oh you meant that, sorry :sweat_smile:

how does one get suspended on the forums XD?

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you should prob pitch a premise of your story on the forum so its easier for people to get an idea of what theyre signing up for.

I already have a person who helps me with my story . A 2nd one wont hurt - i send a detailed version of my story in PM

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I don‘t really know tbh I just took a look on her profile and saw that it says there „this user is suspended“ and since I‘ve seen that this already happened to other people, I wrote that she‘s been suspended since I thought that @WarsawStutter waited for a response from her. But I guess it was a misunderstanding :sweat_smile:

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Tbh she didnt really do much - when i asked her for help she didnt reply so …

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