Looking to Code Someone's Story

HEy! I got a lot of ideas and plots, but I really can’t code… could you maybe help?

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How do we go about doing this

Mine is mrsjennifer_epi

How do we get this going

Hey you still helping with coding?

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Hey! Do you still help with coding?


got a coder sorry

Hey! Are you still open to code?

I need one

You have misunderstood. sorry but I am not a coder.

I did I’m sorry

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hi hi! if you’re still in need of a coder im available!


Hi :wink: ! I need a coder too ! I’m a French Writer and new on Episode ! I am currently writing a story that mixes college life, love, life issues and character psychology. I have a pretty good and long storyline but I’m not very comfortable with the code part, especially since it’s not in my language sweat_smile ! Do you think you could help me ? If you’re still interested i can DM you a quick pitch of the story so you can tell me if you like it. Thanks a lot smiling_face_with_three_hearts !

I am looking for someone to help me code my story. I have no problem if you want to change something or anything thing like that. In return I would give you a shout out

I need help as well so if you want to team up and tackle this we can. I can code except I have problems with directing the people. I am in school so I might not be the quicker.