Looking to commission epi editors

So I’m working on a story that involves a model and I need to have a “portfolio” made. I don’t want them to be art scenes necessarily, I want the edited style like below. Does anyone do these?

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Hey first of for edits nobody can take money it’s illegal

Commisson is only for arts not episode edit :slight_smile:

And I think these ppl are for forums
And if u want edit u should request in a shop

They are good in edits :slight_smile:


I can do it. I actually made one in your screenshot.

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thanks for recommending! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
and yes, I am taking requests rn! :smiley:

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Hey! I’ve made a few that are on your screen and I would love to make some for you

Here are some examples

You can DM me on IG @kylie_episodexx


So out of ignorance I’m asking, why can’t they be paid or comissioned?

*And am I allowed to donate to things like Ko-Fi? :joy:

Because all the characters features like eyes nose etc are own by episode, you should read this. :))


You can definitely donate as long as they’re not selling edits on their Ko-fi either. :laughing:

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It’s because they are episodes characters we are editing. It’s episodes copyright. So getting money out of that isn’t allowed.

But many people have a kofi to support and in return you get a edit sort of thing

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Please see this part of the thread Episode made in regards to some of the comments people have left here:

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