Looking to do a art commission? [Found Someone to do the art :)]

Hi there. I’m writing a story, and I’m looking to get art done. The title of the story is His Love, and I want the cover to have them about to kiss, and the style to be something like these:

These are the characters I would like in the cover. I would like the background to be like the one in the cover of the story him and i (in a pic above) something simple that wouldnt stand out
Also, not sure what people want in payment so if you are interested reply with what you want me to pay

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Just to help you find someone:

Good luck! :slight_smile:


thank you! :slight_smile:

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No problem!

@Lady_Cannella she is a great artist and she isn’t expensive at all :blush:

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@HopeFrvr Grazie :blue_heart:

Hey there,
I’m taking commissions at cheap prices I’llcompared to other artists) :hugs:

This is my style



Ooh! What kind of payment do you accept? Message me on twitter and I’ll give you more details :smiley:

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I meant instagram, lol and my insta is styledby_molly

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Omg, love it! What’s your Instagram?

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I accept payment through PayPal only :hugs:

Hey I couldn’t find it :sweat_smile: I just found some girls but I don’t know if it’s you

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hey, sorry i didnt see this but ill link it to you :slight_smile: https://www.instagram.com/styledby_molly/
(sorry i dont currently have an episode instagram

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Hey there, if you’re still looking for art, mind checking out our studio? The examples below are all by the same artist!


Disclaimer, you do have to pay for these, but each only ranges around 30$ ><!!

Thank you for your time ^-^, maybe check us out?

i found someone! but thank you!! :slight_smile:

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If you are still looking for someone who can do a drawn art like that i can help… i do commission but it’s really cheap for a kiss scene in which there are two people i can do it for 14 euros

Here i can show you some of my works (and there is also a kiss scene if you are interested)

Your art is beautiful, and if I didn’t already get an art commission I would choose to have an art commission done by you! :smile:

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Thank you, maybe next time if you want