Looking to find a story I was reading

Need your help!!! I was playing a story about a girl who came to work in the hotel where the auction was held. She was sold at black auction and bought by the owner of the this black auction. Then she lived with him and his friends in his hotel. The main characters were called Princia and Mad Marshall. I can’t remember the name of it and I didn’t save it to my favorites. Can anyone help me out?

Baddest by Hope Moon. I’m pretty sure the story has been banned.

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Why was it banned? I am curious…

I don’t know. I never read it. Someone else mentioned on another thread that it romanticises the black market?

Oh… right.
I have never heard of it before

I did attempt to read the first episode once. I clicked out of it pretty fast lol but it was clearly very popular. I’m pretty sure it had a few million reads before it was banned.

Thinking about it… i think i have seen it before, but i don’t think I’ve read it. Then one day it just disappeared.

Im not sure its baddest I think is Mmad Hatter sth similiar and I contaced the author and she said its banned unluckily I was in love with the story

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