Looking to For a Co-Writer to chill and write stories with. (Can be more than one :))

Hey guys, so I’m looking for people that don’t really have to be good any any particular thing since I’m new as well. But the vibe I’m going for is people who write stories together from scratch and fling ideas at each other write together and just have a lot of fun.

Also, this isn’t going to be very organized or anything but let me know if you you want to join.

The group will be on discord not on any other place.


hey hey!
this sounds really fun tbh :))
my discord: sugar#3271 :two_hearts:

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hii, i can always help! mell#0004

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Are you sure that’s your discord name? I can’t find you message me on Lov3ly#5031

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I’d love to do this!
My discord: nutella_gremlin#9835

Heyy I can try and help!

Sure message me on discord here’s my username Lovely#5031

Sent a friend request!

I am also new to coding and writing and this seems like a fun idea. I would love to join