Looking to hire someone to do art scene request

Good morning!

PLEASE DM US YOUR INFO ON INSTAGRAM @nikkiandluna.episodes

My sister and I are looking to HIRE an artist to make a special scene for our story Take A Leap!

Yes we are going to pay, we have notice for some reason people don’t like to pay episode artists for anything.

We ourselves have experienced this with our CUSTOM backgrounds, splash, trailers and etc. We offer plenty of free art in or Google drive ( adding to it everyday,) but when someone ask for a custom, and we send them the price list, they act like we did something wrong…lol

Our typically price range is $2 to $15 so we are pretty affordable… So anyways, let me get off my soap box…lol

Art project details:

1.Our budget for this is $10

  1. We will pay you through Venmo.

  2. You will be credited for your work.

  3. To apply for the job, please Dm us two samples of your work and if we are interested, we will send you the details of the scene and photos of the two characters for the scene.

  4. Once you get our details please let us know how long you need to complete the job.

  5. Once the finished scene is complete, we will than pay through Venmo!


PS. We look forward to working with and supporting our fellow episode artist!

Pss. If you would like my little sister Luna, to make trailer for your Episode story please Dm us for details, and we will send you a example.


I can help but i don’t want money. Email me how you want it! Like what features!
I’ll DM ya someone of my own work of MY work for backgrounds i made and covers.
Please consider me!
Athena Maries