Loop in first episode


A couple of readers told me they have trouble reading the first episode of my story. There’s a loop at the end of chapter 1. It brings the readers back to the beginning of the story instead of starting the next episode.

Can someone check my script if there are any errors?

(Not every reader had this problem, so I don’t know if it’s me or Episode).

As far as I can see there isn’t a problem :thinking: It might just be an episode glitch :woman_shrugging:


What’s your story name and author name and which episode has glitch I’ll happily check it out for you

Thank you!:white_heart:

Story name: Criminal Lover
Episode name: WrittenbyRo
Loop: Episode 1

This is my cover:

Done checking every button and they are working fine. Don’t worry

Thank you! Episode is just tripping as always🙄

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Right… And I know this feeling, it is also happening in the first episode of mine, when my mc’s car passes another mc but it’s glitch in app and works fine in the portal… I don’t know what to do…!!!

Episode needs to step their game up! My story was also perfectly fine in the portal. Even in the app, I had no problems with reading my story. The weirdest thing is that not everyone has problems with reading my story.

Maybe I can read yours and see if I have any problems with your story?

Please do… :frowning_face: My story name is I married my troublemaker (limelight) and author name is Miss Deepika

Did you check or not… No leme ask you, are you going to check or not? If not then a no would be fine…
Instead of ignoring!! You know :kissing:

First of all, you don’t have to be rude. I talk a lot on the forum. Sometimes I lose a conversation I had with someone because I speak with a lot of people, and get many replies at one time. It was not my intension to “ignore” you. Anyhow, yes I read your story and there was no problem when the car passes her.

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I’m not being rude… I was feeling stood up… coz I was waiting for your comment from a while…

I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way… :sweat_smile:

Thank you for checking my story out :blush:

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I’m sorry you felt stood up! Won’t happen again.

You’re welcome, I enjoyed it.

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